Fishing For Beginners

If you’re looking to start fishing as a new hobby or just have a new interest in the sport, then you probably have minimal knowledge of gear, local waters and species that you can catch. In the following, you will learn the basics of fishing, and the key’s to becoming a better and more informed fisherman or fisherwoman.


1. Try It Out:

     Before making any purchases let’s actually try fishing to see if you enjoy it. How do I go fishing if I don’t own any equipment? – You ask. Find someone who does, social media has become a blessing for this reason. If you have someone who goes fishing within your network then typically you’ll know, due to their regular weekend posts of all their latest fish catches. If you don’t know someone who goes fishing that’s alright! You can easily get connected to social media pages. I, myself am apart of groups in Ontario Canada (see links below). We as fishermen love seeing the sport expanding; therefore, we love to get others into the sport, all you have to do is ask!

2. Go Purchase Some Fishing Tackle:

To purchase gear just go to your local tackle shop or sporting good store what you’ed need to start fishing. Both Government of Ontario and Mystery Tackle Box have great articles about fishing tackle you may need. For a rod and reel, I recommend purchasing a medium light rod with a size 1500 or 2500 spinning reel spooled with 8 LPs monofilament line. I prefer a spinning reel over a closed-face reel because it is easy to manage and fix line tangles. My personal preference  Shakespeare’s G2X combo it’s a great setup, and the rod will last you a life time.

3. Get Informed:

It is vital you know the law’s and regulations within your area, the Ontario Government has great resources on fish identification, regulations. If you’re looking where to fish and the people from the past two tips never told you their spots. Fishbrain and National Pro Staff (NPS), both have great apps where you can view fishing spots, whats bait is being used and much more.


Hopefully, with the three simple steps given will help you become more informed and a better angler.

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