About Me


Throughout my life, I have had 3 cornerstones of which had shaped me to the man I have become today, these being; family, fishing, and faith. These three contributors have influenced me to be patient, determined, hardworking, loyal, and sophophilic. These contributors will also influence the content on my blog page, so if you’re interested in learning about my passions check it out!

Past Experience

As a proud outdoor enthusiast and a conservationist, I strive to complete tasks to my fullest ability but also being environmentally responsible. I have experience working within the local tourism market, not-for-profit’s, food services, childcare, and construction. Working for organisations like Mt. Saint Louise Moonstone, Ducks Unlimited, Connexus Church, Willow Creek Day Camp, and much more.

By having multiple career opportunities, I have been able developed many perfessional skills that can be applied in various career settings. These being analytical, decision-making, creativity, dependability, determination and procedural. Due to my urge to always search for and gain knowledge and wisdom, being analytical and research comes naturally to me. After having many positions where I was forced to make decisions I have learned how to appropriately make vital decisions with the information scenario given. My creativity is not artistically based but is used for solving and developing solutions various workplace obstacles, this is when I utilise my procedural mindset to design and initiate a plan of action. I’ve also been able to gain practical skills throughout my years of experience these include Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Creative Programs (Lightroom, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Premier), WordPress, social media marketing, marketing management plans.

Career Goals

My long-term goals are to share my passions with the products or services our team creates and develops, so that someone may find value in them. As well, to ultimately to gain a healthy balance between work and personal life and to become a marketing manager within the outdoor-lifestyle industry.